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About SPSC


Increasing the safety of mattresses and other sleep products is core to our mission at SPSC. We've been particularly active in the following three areas:

  • SPSC Safety Hangtag
    We started this voluntary program in 1987. By attaching the SPSC safety hangtag, mattress manufacturers certify that their products comply with the Federal Mattress Flammability Standard – designed to help reduce the incidence of mattress fires caused by smoldering cigarettes.

    Today, the majority of mattresses made or sold in the United States carry the SPSC safety hangtag. Along with showing compliance, the tag serves as an educational vehicle for consumers, informing them of the potential fire and safety hazards that may result when the mattress is not used properly.

    The safety hangtag is available in three versions:  Basic Hangtag, Tyvek® (permanent Sewn-in Hangtag), Canadian (French/English).
  • "CD" Hotline
    Our Combustibility Database (CD) hotline helps manufacturers meet the flammability requirements for mattresses that will be used in commercial, institutional, and high-risk settings. These include prisons, hotels, healthcare facilities, and dormitories. Free for use, our database includes up-to-date information on regulations, tests, policies, statutes, and code requirements for all 50 states and six major metropolitan jurisdictions.
  • Industry Education
    The Sleep Products Safety Council is an active sponsor of educational conferences for the sleep products industry. We are continuously working to inform manufacturers about safety developments and research and to promote industry-wide improvements.

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