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Statement is attributable to the Sleep Products Safety Council

We commend the California Department of Consumer Affairs’ Bureau of Home Furnishings for its effort to promote consumer safety. The enactment of Assembly Bill 603 in 2001 requires that California develop a new, more stringent fire-resistance standard for mattresses. America’s mattress manufacturers strongly supported this legislation and look forward to working with the Bureau to ensure that the regulations needed to implement the law will be practical and scientifically sound.

Californians purchase 4.5 million new mattresses per year – over one billion dollars of economic activity. We look forward to working with the Bureau to ensure that as the law is implemented, our industry will be able to continue delivering commercially safe, viable and comfortable mattresses to California consumers.

Consumers also need flammability standards for bedclothes, such as pillows, comforters, mattress pads and bedspreads. Research shows that such bedclothes are usually the first to ignite, spreading flames to the mattress. We believe that regulatory standards should simultaneously consider bedclothes along with mattresses in order to best protect consumers.

The sleep products industry has also worked closely with the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to improve bedroom safety.Between 1980 and 1998, cigarette-related mattress fires nationally have been reduced by more than two-thirds, and related deaths by more than half.

The Sleep Products Safety Council has provided consumer safety information, research and educational activities aimed at reducing hazards associated with sleep products since 1986. The SPSC Board includes industry, technical/fire experts and members from other affiliated groups, including representatives of the National Association of State Fire Marshals and the Residential Fire Safety Institute.

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