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Lesson Activity 2: Safe Passage


  • Students will test their fire-prevention and -safety knowledge by participating in a fun, game-show like quiz.
  • Class discussion during the game-show activity will help students master the fire knowledge they haven't yet learned.
  • Students will share their "safety master" knowledge by quizzing their families with the Grown-up Safety IQ.
  • Students will review what they've learned about safe escapes by completing individual Safety Steps paths.


  • Know essential concepts and practices concerning injury prevention and safety. (McREL)


  • Chalkboard and chalk
  • Colored paper and markers
  • Paper for printouts


  1. Print out the Grown-up Safety IQ, which has 11 pre-prepared questions. If you'd like to expand the game-show quiz, you can create additional questions from the information found in The Escape Guide. Both the quiz and guide are available by clicking the printables box on this page.
  1. Divide the class into teams of 5 to 6 players. Give each team a small stack of colored paper – ideally using a different color for each team – and a marker. Explain that students will take turns being the "answer writer" for their team but that the team can work together to decide on each answer.
  1. On the chalkboard, create a simple table that can be used to track each team's score. As the Safety Master, start the game by asking the first question.
  1. Once all the teams have written down their answer, ask the "question writer" to hold up the sheet and record which teams answered correctly.
  1. Whenever a question is answered incorrectly by at least one team, discuss the rationale for the correct answer. You may want to start by having a team that answered correctly discuss how it arrived at the answer.
  1. Print out additional copies of the Grown-up Safety IQ, and give each student a copy for their homework. Have the students quiz their families – this will help them review what they've learned as well as share the knowledge with their families.
  1. The next day, collect the students homework (completed Grown-up Safety IQ) and give each a copy of the Safety Steps handout, which is available by clicking the printables box on this page.
  1. Once students have finished the activity, review the correct order of the Safety Stones together as a class. For students who need additional practice, point them to the online Safe Passage game.

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Lesson Activity 2
Printable version of lesson activity 2.

Safety IQ
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Safety Steps
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