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Lesson Activity 1
The Great Family Escape Plan
The Great Family Escape PlanUsing the floor plan printouts, task your students with mapping out their home fire safety plan. more ->

Lesson Activity 2
Safe Passage
Safe Passage For KidsStudents will test their fire-prevention and safety knowledge in a fun, game-show like quiz. more ->

For Grown-ups

Safety IQ
How smart are you about bedroom fire safety? Take our Safety IQ and find out!

Smoke Alarm Tracker
Smoke alarms are an essential resource in protecting your family, but they are only as good as their batteries. Get our guide to track battery changes and tests.

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This Web site was created in association with
National Candle Association
  • National Candle Association: This professional association works to promote consumer acceptance and use of candles and candle accessories, while encouraging their safe usage.
  • National Fire Protection Association's "Fire Prevention Week ": A worldwide leader in providing fire, electrical, and life safety to the public since 1896, the mission of the international non-profit NFPA is to reduce the worldwide burden of fire and other hazards on the quality of life by providing and advocating scientifically based consensus codes and standards, research, training and education.
  • National Organizations for Youth Safety: NOYS is a coalition of more than 50 non-profit organizations, companies and government agencies that serve more than 11 million youth members. The mission of NOYS is to marshal resources that save lives, prevent injuries and promote safe and healthy lifestyles among youth.
  • National SAFE KIDS Campaign: The National SAFE KIDS Campaign is the first and only national organization dedicated solely to the prevention of unintentional childhood injury – the number one killer of children ages 14 and under.
  • National Safety Council: As the nation's leading advocate for safety and health, NSC seeks to educate and influence society with innovative programs. The council has been working for generations to improve the safety, health, and environmental well-being of all people.
  • Residential Fire Safety Institute: This public interest group, created in 1982, promotes fire-safe homes. Along with providing fire-safety education, RFSI encourages the use of built-in fire protection.
  • SafeUSA: A working alliance of major public and private partners, SafeUSA's mission is two fold. It seeks to reduce the high rates of injuries and injury-related deaths in the United States. The organization also seeks to increase the levels of safety in the nation's homes, schools, work sites, transportation areas, and communities.
  • U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission: This independent federal regulatory agency helps keep American families safe by reducing the risk of injury or death from consumer products. We have a well-established relationship with the CPSC, working closely together to ensure that federal safety standards protect consumers without imposing overly burdensome requirements on mattress manufacturers.
  • USFA's Kids' Page: As part of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), USFA's mission is to reduce life and economic losses due to fire and related emergencies. It does this through leadership, advocacy, coordination, and support. The USFA Kids' Page features fire safety and prevention information for children.

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